Mariupol welcomes the Learning city experience from Rob Mark

Building a learning city for sustainable social, economic and environmental development.

The idea of learning city specifies the creation of an international policy-oriented network of places that ensure inspiration, know-how and provide best practice.Being a member of the Learning cities community brings wide prospective and benefits to its members as sharing ideas and experience, raising citizens’ awareness of acute issues, promoting lifelong learningfor all and many others. The Network supports the achievement of all seventeen Sustainable Development Goals and encourages members to actively work on their pursuit. Thus, it requires great commitment, active participation and involvement of all stakeholders but in return provides enjoyable experiences and inspirations for the members.

How to become a part of a global network of Learning cities? We invite you to the workshop with Dr. Rob Mark whois currently Honorary Secretary to the UK University Association of Learning cities where he will share the experience of British cities participation and outline the prospects for Mariupol and other Ukrainian towns.

Venue: Vezha Creative Space which supports numerous initiatives of active citizens and is a partner of DSUM.

Time: 18thJune, 2019; 10:00 am

We are looking forward to meeting with honourable professor and invite students of all ages and forms of study as well as activists and all interested people from the community to join our workshop.

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