Sustainability of the international project activities at DSUM

Cooperation within the international projects is one of the key activities at DSUM. The University for the Third Age Education is ongoing project which was initiated in 2013 at DSUM  under  TEMPUS program.

Since 2015 when University was reestablished at DSUM in Mariupol and  more than 150 traineesof older age from Mariupol got trained there. In 2018 the University activities was backed up by the British Council Program “University Leadership Development”. In November 2018 six members of DSUM teaching staff visited University of Glasgow with the aim to study and get deeper knowledge on the development of the university leadership strategy and its competitiveness including provision of the education for older people.

In return, through June 16-19, 2019 prof. Rob Mark PhD, PASCAL Learning Cities Coordinator Vice Chair,  Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL), Honorary Senior Research Fellow, School of Education, University of Glasgow, Honorary Researcher, Higher Education Research Centre (HERC) in Dublin City University paid a visit to DSUM.

The three-day program was intensely filled with meetings, lecturing and open discussions. On June 17 at Vezha Creative Space prof. Rob Mark talked about the UNESCO Program “Learning Cities” in front of the diverse audience of the university students, teaching and administrative staff, and invited representatives of local community.

In the afternoon, he met the teaching staff involved in teaching activities at the University of Third Age Education at DSUM. Prof. Mark shared the innovative teaching tools and methods applied in British universities for adult learners. The discussion was fruitful and productive for DSUM attendees of the seminar.

Meeting with Kseniia Sukhova, Deputy Mayor for Executive Bodies of the City Council can be marked as the important element of prof. R.Mark’s visit program. The close cooperation of the academia and policy makers, municipal authorities is a traditional practice in the Western Europe. Ukrainian universities pursue these activities as well. So the presentation of the UNESCO Program “Learning Cities” at Mariupol City Council was exactly with this track – to open opportunities for cooperation for DSUM and local community. At the meeting Prof. Rob Mark presented the idea of the world-wide international project “Learning Cities” encouraged to join the program in order Mariupol city to be awarded the title “Learning City” as he observes the unique experience of Mariupol in regards to implementing the community-oriented social programs.  He emphasized that this initiative would be well supported by the academia on behalf of DSUM and British scholars.

The interview with Prof. Rob Mark on its cooperation with DSUM, his impression of the university and the city was broadcasted at local Mariupol TV.

The Tour to a Historical Reserve in Ukraine “Stone graves was organized for the guest and it was immensely enjoyed by the participants.

Rector of DSUM Prof. Dr. Svitlana Marova on behalf of DSUM expressed her gratitude to Prof. Rob Mark for his dedication and heartfelt support of the University of the Third Age Education at DSUM over the last three years.

Summarizing the short visit, the plans for future cooperation between DSUM and British partners were discussed and outlined.

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