of the dissertations abstracts defended through 2015-2019 in Donetsk State University of Management:


Lisutin A. “The development of the state regulation mechanism of light industry in Ukraine”

Nersesov V. “Improvement of state management mechanisms of intellectual property objects”

Ostrovyi O. “Formation of the state policy of providing cyber security in Ukraine”

Ivanov G. “The mechanism of state management of development of sea ports of Ukraine”

Kumachova A. “Mechanisms of state policy formation and implementation for the “green” economy development in Ukraine”

Vovk S. “Mechanisms of Public Administration with Systemic Transformations in the Sphere of Healthcare”

Suzdalieva O. “The Implementation of the state policy mechanism of the recovery of the conflict-affected territories of Ukraine”

Adamov D. “Tax Mechanism of State Regulation of Small Business Development”

Yukhnenko M. “Organizational Mechanism of Public Administration by State Treasury Service of Ukraine”

Dmytriyev Y. “Mechanisms of assessment and minimization of corruption risks in the public administration system of Ukraine”

Bezzubko B. “Improving the state mechanisms of strategic planning of social and economic development of the territories”

Strizhakova A. “Mechanisms of state management of development of cross-border cooperation between Ukraine and countries of the European Union”

Matvienko V. “The mechanism of governance development of the railway sector in Ukraine”

Maksymova T. “State mechanism of realization of investment policy in Ukraine”

Goncharenko I. “State regulatory mechanism of social and economic development: theory, methodology and practice”

Kolomiyets E. “Improvement of the Mechanism of Information and Analytical Support for Public Administration”

Korneva T. “The mechanism of the state tax regulation in the period of anthropogenic and natural catastrophies”

Petryk O. “State regulation of guarantees of scientific-pedagogical staff and mechanisms for their implementation”

Ovcharenko R. “State mechanism of social justice principle realization”

Khilienko O. “The Mechanism of Public Administration of Development of Oil Refining Industry in Ukraine”

Karagodin O. “The development of mechanisms for the adoption and implementation of managerial decisions in the system of public administration”

Lagnо V. “Mechanisms of sustainability management regions based on regional and cross-border cooperation”