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The Department of Humanities is a basic structural unit of Donetsk State University of Management, which carries out educational, teaching, research and organizational activities.

The mission of the Department is adaptation of undergraduate students to the educational process in accordance with the requirements of higher education, widening their worldview, developing critical thinking, broadening their vision, acquiring scientific skills and enhancement of their flexibility necessary for modern labor market.

The main activities of the Department include:

  • implementation of educational and professional programs, curricula for higher education;

  • organization and implementation of educational process at the high scientific and methodological levels;

  • formation of students’ general competencies;

  • development and systematic updating of methodological support for academic disciplines taught at the Department, improvement of their software support;

  • enhancement of students’ various skills and competences as well as their civic position, respect to the rights and freedoms of an individual;

  • development and implementation of new teaching forms, methods and techniques;

  • support and systemic involvement of students to partake in corresponding competitions, Olympiads, scientific clubs, round tables, conferences, cultural and social events;

  • organization and conduct of scientific and practical events (round tables, conferences, etc.).



teaching and learning
The Department of Humanities provides teaching of the cycle of disciplines of humanitarian and social direction at all faculties of the University.

Academic staff also take part in the education and certification of scientific and pedagogical staff and work with PhD students of the speciality 25.00.02 - Mechanisms of Public Administration.

The results of scientific and research activities of students - members of the historical and local lore club "Clio" (the head of the club is Assoc. Prof. Natalia Maliarchuk, PhD in Historical Sciences) - are being implemented in the educational process.
science and research
During 2015-2019 at the Department of Humanities the following scientific and research results were attained:

7 PhDs and 2 postdoctoral dissertations were defended;

7 textbooks, 16 educational and methodical papers were published and implemented in the educational process;

11 collective monographs were published;

60 articles were published, 36 of them in professional publications, 7 abroad;
international cooperation
International cooperation is carried out through the participation of the Department staff in international projects and internships:
Project supported by the British Council in Ukraine “Inspiring Leadership: leadership foundation for higher education (Development of leadership potential of Ukrainian universities)”, 2019 (Professor V. Tokareva),

(Development of leadership potential of Ukrainian universities), 2019 (Professor V. Tokareva),

program "Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging" (ELITE 544343-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-LT-TEMPUS-SMHES) (Professor V. Tokareva)

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Donetsk State University of Management (Prof. V. Tokareva),

Program "Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University- Business-Government in HEIs”
(Eduqas) (Stockholm, Sweden, 2018) (Professor V. Tokareva),

Project supported by the British Council in Ukraine ”Ukraine Higher Education Leadership Development Programme” (Glasgow, Scotland, 2018) (Prof. V. Tokareva),

Research Project «European Union: Past, Present and Future Challenges» (International Research Group for Conflict, Border lands and Minorities) (Prof. N. Didenko),

Jean Monnet Chairs “Analysis and application of the European experience of democracy and good governance in Ukraine” (Chair – Prof. N. Didenko)
Educational programs for which the department conducts training
bachelor's degree
Lecturers of the department
Natalia Nykyforenko
Natalia Nykyforenko Head of the Department of Sociology of Management, Associate Professor, PhD in Historical Sciences
Valentina Tokareva
Valentina Tokareva Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Research, Professor of the Department of Humanities, Full Professor, Doctor of Science in Public Administration
Nina Didenko
Nina Didenko Full Professor at the Department of Humanities, Doctor of Science in Public Administration
Iryna Sikorska
Iryna Sikorska Associate Professor, Department of Sociology of Management, PhD in Public Administration
Anatolii Kalianov
Anatolii Kalianov Senior Research Officer, Department of Humanities, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Andriy Nykyforenko
Andriy Nykyforenko Senior Lecturer, Department of Humanities
Tetiana Naumova
Tetiana Naumova Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, PhD in Philological Sciences
Area of interest
Mykola Chaplyk
Mykola Chaplyk Associate Professor, Department of Sociology of Management, PhD in Historical Sciences
Illia Lukovenko
Illia Lukovenko Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and the Department of Sociology of Management, PhD in Historical Sciences
Area of interest
Olha Rebro
Olha Rebro Lecturer, Department of Sociology of Management
Educational disciplines of the department
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