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computer sciences

The Department starts its history in 1992 when the Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Computer Engineering was established at Donetsk State Academy of Management (since 2004 - Donetsk State University of Management).

Currently, the Department of Computer Science educates bachelor’s degree students in the field of information technology in the speciality 122 "Computer Science".

Academic staff of the Department constantly enhance their pedagogical skills and qualifications, following a modern European teaching system. Leading staff of the Department have certificates in such programs as Google Adwords (Google), Thomas PPA trainer (Thomas International Ltd), Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes (California Institute of the Arts), Python (Prometheus). The acquired skills and knowledge of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department are skillfully implemented into the teaching process and research work which creates prerequisites for educating a new generation of  IT specialists capable of working in a modern information society, quickly adapting to the changing environment of the information technology industry.

teaching and learning
Members of the Department constantly and systematically work on the development and improvement of educational and methodological support of academic disciplines and educational programs. They are the authors and co-authors of more than 20 study guides and 3 textbooks (courses materials, guidelines for laboratory classes and independent work, workshops, etc.).

The educational process at the Department is carried out with the use of modern multimedia and computer technology, with a sufficient number of visual materials and active involvement of students. The blended-learning approach is applied by the teaching staff which ensures integration of online-courses hosted on Ukrainian and foreign educational platforms into the traditional educational process.

The combination of new educational technologies with the various forms of independent work of students contributes to improving the organization of the educational process and improving the quality of education.

Student-centred and problem-oriented approaches, participation in educational and technological, industrial internships and independent work of students are practised as well.
science and research
The scientific activity of the Department of Computer Science is carried out within the framework of the complex topic "Technologies of data processing and machine learning in technical and economic problems" (state registration number in UkrINTEI 0120U100414). The head of the scientific topic is Iryna Sirmamiykh, PhD in Economic Science, Associate Professor.

Scholars of the Department work in the following fields of study:

Information technologies in fundamental and applied research of modern science.
Machine learning, image recognition and processing.
The use of artificial intelligence, neural networks of profound learning to solve practical issues.
Mathematical modelling in scientific and technical and socio-economic problems.
Computing systems in solving mathematical and engineering problems of society.
Deterministic and probabilistic models of processes and objects in scientific and technical, socio-economic and humanitarian systems.
Information technologies in solving scientific, technological, economic and humanitarian problems.

The obtained results are published in authoritative publications and in journals included in the international scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science, presented at international and national conferences.
Educational programs for which the department conducts training
bachelor's degree
Lecturers of the department
Iryna Syrmamiikh
Iryna Syrmamiikh Head of the Department of Computer Science, Associate Professor, PhD in Economics
Yevhen Chychkarov
Yevhen Chychkarov Associate Professor, Department of Computer Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Mykola Savinkov
Mykola Savinkov Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, PhD in Physico-mathematical sciences
Vadym Nersesov
Vadym Nersesov Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, PhD in Public Administration
Anastasiia Serhiienko
Anastasiia Serhiienko Senior Lecturer, Department of Computer Science
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