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Why is it worth studying marketing?

Marketing is a perspective speciality that provides for rapid career growth, creative working environment, the opportunity to apply lateral thinking and express individuality. Occupation of a marketing manager has been trendy for decades and is still interesting and promising.

What does a marketing manager do? 

This is a specialist who combines knowledge in the field of economics, management, law, statistics, sociology, psychology. Marketing consultant deals with product creation, product range formation, pricing policy development, product sales management, consumer behaviour management, company brand creation and promotion, advertising and PR campaign development, events organization, company strategy development, marketing audit, copywriting, digital marketing and many other directions.

teaching and learning
The teaching staff of the Department of Marketing have extensive experience in the advertising business, consulting and marketing agencies, undergo internships at successful enterprises in Ukraine and abroad. Curricula are aimed at mastering both classical marketing practices and the latest areas of marketing development. The Department maintains close ties with its alumni, most of whom are quite successful professionals, and invites them to share the real-life experience with students.
science and research
The scientific activity of the Department is developing in the following main directions:

system development, trends and patterns of marketing management of socio-economic systems;

strategic marketing management of enterprise development;

theoretical and practical principles of implementing logistics in the activities of organizational and economic systems;

theoretical-methodical and practical bases of management of secondary raw materials at the regional level;

theoretical-methodical and practical bases of solid waste management of a highly urbanized industrial region;

regional problems of human and socio-economic development;

the latest technologies in state and regional management;

organizational and economic mechanism of balanced development of regions and cities in the conditions of integration processes;

innovative activity of Ukraine and regions: socio-economic aspect;
Educational programs for which the department conducts training
bachelor's degree
master's degree
Lecturers of the department
Viktoriia Khoroshykh
Viktoriia Khoroshykh Head of the Department of Marketing, Associate Professor, PhD in Public Administration
Olena Chuprina
Olena Chuprina Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, Doctor of Science in Economics
Olena Eremenko
Olena Eremenko Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, PhD in Economics
Area of interest
Iryna Liashko
Iryna Liashko Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, PhD in Public Administration
Inna Arakelova
Inna Arakelova Associate Professor, Department of Marketing, PhD in Economics
Area of interest
Yuliia Gapochka
Yuliia Gapochka Lecturer, Department of Marketing
Area of interest
Educational disciplines of the department
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