Department of
special law disciplines

special law disciplines

The Department of Special Law Disciplines was established as a result of the restructuring of the Department of Administrative Law in December 2014 in accordance with the order of the Rector of DSUM № 9 dated 26.12.2014.. Currently, the academic staff of the Department includes 6 persons: 5 teaching staff and 1 assistant.

The main tasks of the Department of Special Law Disciplines while educating the lawyers are the formation of students' practical skills and application of legal norms in the main areas of law in Ukraine, the formation of the system to acquire fundamental theoretical knowledge, real-life and professional skills, sufficient competences for professional activity, quality assurance to prepare a future lawyer able to work at enterprises, institutions, organizations regardless of their form of ownership, local executive authorities, public organizations, etc.

teaching and learning
Educational and methodical work at the Department of Special Law Disciplines is aimed at continuous improvement of the educational process and the creation of favourable conditions for students to master the academic disciplines provided by the Department.

The teaching staff develop curricula, teaching materials (including electronic ones) and constantly implement innovative technologies and teaching methods in the educational process: they develop distance-learning courses, computer testing system, business cases and role-plays, discussions, round tables and etc.

Leading scientists, scholars, judges, researchers, lawyers, prominent lawyers-practitioners are involved in the Department educational process.

The Department has a proper material and technical base, facilities for visual support at lectures and practical classes, which ensures a modern level of educational process and organization of students’ research. The Department library is constantly updated.
science and research
The students’ participation in the research gives an opportunity to cooperate with leading scientists and practitioners and inspires for lifelong learning and self-development.

The main forms of scientific work:

organization of round tables and scientific conferences. Thus, every year the Department holds All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conferences "Theory and practice of forensic science and criminology" and "Current issues of improving national legislation", a number of scientific events within the Week of Law at DSUM, etc.;

performance of research works;

continuous professional development, internships, participation in scientific activities of institutions in Ukraine and abroad;

cooperation with public authorities, local governments, scientific institutions, public organizations, lawyers, notaries, etc. on a scientific basis;

publication of scientific researches in articles, monographs, etc.

The teaching staff of the Department pays special attention to the study of the legal basis of socio-economic development of the city with a difficult environmental situation.

“Femida” Legal Clinic

Bachelor’s and Master's students take part in the work of “Femida” Legal Clinic, where under the guidance of leading professors they conduct consultations for citizens, provide legal assistance to socially vulnerable groups.

The objectives of the Legal Clinic are:

raising the level of practical knowledge, skills and abilities of law students;

raising citizens’ awareness regarding legal issues;

training and educating students to observe and respect the principles of the rule of law, justice and human dignity;

expansion of cooperation of the University with judicial, law enforcement bodies, bodies of justice, state power and local self-government, with other institutions and organizations;

introduction into the educational process the elements of practical training in the field of legal services.
international cooperation
In Mariupol the Department has developed strong ties with international organizations: the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Danish Refugee Council - the Danish Demining Group / DRC - DDG, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine.
Lecturers of the department
Iryna Kalinina
Iryna Kalinina Head of the Department of Special Law Disciplines, PhD in Law
Viktoriia Hryhorieva
Viktoriia Hryhorieva Associate Professor, Department of Special Law Disciplines, PhD in Law
Olena Tsyklauri
Olena Tsyklauri Senior Lecturer, Department of Special Law Disciplines
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