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sociology of management

Mission of the Department - educating the competitive specialists in the field of sociology and social work, based on the internationalization of activities,  introduction of European quality standards of education, appliance of the newest technologies in teaching and research.

In 2011 the new specialty  "Social Work"at the Bachelor’s level was opened.

Since December 2014, after the relocation of DSUM to Mariupol, the Department has been headed by Natalia Nykyforenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor.

The academic staff of the Department comprises 10 educators: 2 Doctors of Science, 7 PhDs, 1 junior lecturer.

Teaching staff regularly improve their skills in leading research institutions (Institute of Sociology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine)

participate in international research and social projects, in the activities of professional associations - the Sociological Association of Ukraine, the National Association of Mediators of Ukraine

teaching and learning
The Department provides teaching of 33 disciplines at Bachelor and Master programs of the specialty "Sociology" and 27 disciplines for bachelors of the specialty "Social work".

Teaching methods and tools are constantly diversified - through the team projects, simulations, business games.

The content of the study courses is methodologically diverse and allows students to comprehend the pluralism of socio-humanitarian knowledge.
The principles of academic integrity are cultivated in teaching and research activities.

The emphasis in learning is made on a practice-oriented approach. Students of the Department actively work in the sociological research laboratory, information and consultation point "Contact", developing skills for the future profession.

Practical classes are held on the basis of social institutions of the city - City and district centers of social services for families, children and youth of Mariupol City Council, City Employment Center, district centers for social rehabilitation of disabled children of Mariupol City Council, Children's Rehabilitation Center "Pilgrim Republic", etc.
science and research
The basis for the growth of the potential of the Department grounds on strengthening its ties with the practical spheres of public life (local administration, business, "third sector", etc.), the improvement of education is scientific activity. Lecturers and students conduct research in the field of "Modern society in the focus of theoretical and applied sociology" (state registration №0111U001496)

For the last 5 years there were published:

8 monographs, 2 of them abroad;

5 textbooks;

98 articles, of which 52 in professional publications of Ukraine, 35 in international publications;

We stimulate students' scientific activity.

During 2015-2020:

96 students of the Department took part in conferences of different levels;

students published 105 scientific papers;

10 students participated in competitions of student research papers in sociology and social work and received recognition for the results of their activities.
international cooperation
For the last 5 years the teachers of the Department have taken part in the following international projects:

Polish-Ukrainian project "Let's take care of the public space in Mariupol together", implemented by the MiLA Foundation, in partnership with DonSU (2015-2016).

Reconciliation project in Ukrainian society: “From the energy of protest to the energy of creation”, with the financial support of the British Government and Consortium for Enhancement of Management Education in Ukraine

Estonian-Ukrainian project International Center for Defense and Security (ICDS) "Sustainable Ukraine: Civil Society and Volunteers in Strengthening Ukraine's National Stability and Security" (Resilient Ukraine Project) (2017–2018

Erasmus+ KA2 project "Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University- Business-Government in HEIs" 586109-EPP-1-2017-1-RO-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP (2017-2020 рр.

Opening the Master's program "Conflict Resolution and Mediation" within the project of the British Council in Ukraine (2019).
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Lecturers of the department
Valentyna Nykolaieva
Valentyna Nykolaieva Associate Professor, Department of Sociology of Management, Doctoral Candidate in the specialty 281 “Public Administration and Management” of the Department of Sociology of Management, PhD in Pedagogic Sciences
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