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HR management and business economics

HR management and business economics

The Department of HR Management and Business Economics of Donetsk State University of Management was established to educate specialists in the field of enterprise economics, HR management and labour economics. The qualified economist, specialist in labour issues and HR manager are professions that are always in demand.

The Department represents an effective team of like-minded professionals. The teaching staff of the Department is introduced by experienced educators, Doctors of Science and Full Professors, PhDs and Associate Professors, novice lectors who skillfully integrate interactive methods in the learning process.

The mission of the Department is to continuously initiate and respond to changes and bear the responsibility in decision-making, self-development and leadership processes.

The Department provides relevant education actual for modern life.



teaching and learning
Priorities of the Department:

increasing the scientific and practical orientation of education depending on the structural changes taking place in the country and the region, world trends in the industrial and economic activities development;

appliance of the newest forms and methods of teaching;

introduction of innovative approaches to personalized teaching as well as improvement of the quality management system of students' education;

expansion of student mobility programs and participation of the Department in international and Ukrainian scientific and practical-methodical conferences, projects;

internships of teaching staff at leading universities within the framework of agreements concluded by the University.
science and research
Scientific work at the Department is implemented within the following scientific themes:

"Regulation of migration processes in the context of socio-economic transformations" (state registration number 0116U000745, 2016 - 2019)

"Methodological principles of state policy formation on internally displaced persons in the context of socio-economic development of territories" (state registration number 0116U004970, 2016 - 2018)

During 2015-2019 within the framework of scientific research, the academic staff of the Department published 12 monographs (6 of them are international ones), 2 textbooks, 70 articles (in Ukraine, abroad and included in international scientometric databases Scopus, Web of Scien
international cooperation
The purpose of the international activity of the Department is to study and apply the scientific and teaching experience of the world's leading universities, ensuring academic mobility of staff and students, the introduction of European and world standards in the educational process, establishing the scientific cooperation with foreign scholars.

The teaching staff of the Department regularly participate in international scientific conferences and research and practice seminars, in particular, in the USA, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Georgia.

They are the authors of several scientific monographs published in Great Britain, Latvia, the USA, Canada and Poland.

The Department staff actively participate in international mobility programs, namely, in Italy (University of Verona), Poland (Institute of International Academic and Scientific Cooperation, Akademia Polonina Czestochowa, Academy of Management and Administration in Opole) and the Czech Republic (Prague Institute for Qualification Enhancement).

Participation in foreign internships ensures modernization and enhancement of the educational process and increase the quality of scientific research.
Educational programs for which the department conducts training
Lecturers of the department
Olha Balueva
Olha Balueva Vice-Rector for Research, Head of the Department of HR Management and Business Economics, Full Professor, Doctor of Science in Economics
Larysa Syvolap
Larysa Syvolap Associate Professor, Department of HR Management and Business Economics, PhD in Economics
Olena Kornilova
Olena Kornilova Associate Professor, Department of HR Management and Business Economics, PhD in Economics
Area of interest
Alina Kumachova
Alina Kumachova Associate Professor, Department of HR Management and Business Economics, PhD in Public Administration
Oleksii Tarasenko
Oleksii Tarasenko Senior Lecturer, Department of HR Management and Business Economics, PhD in Economics
Alona Ohnieva
Alona Ohnieva Assistant Professor, Department of HR Management and Business Economics
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