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environmental management

The Department of Environmental Management of Donetsk State University of Management is aimed at educating specialists who will obtain contemporary knowledge and professional skills in the field of environmental safety management, organization of environmental activities and can make sound managerial decisions.

The Department is headed by Prof. Svitlana Marova -  Rector, Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Member of the Academy of Economic Science of Ukraine.

The educational process is provided by highly qualified academic staff: 2 Full Professors, Doctors of Science, 3 Associate Professors, PhDs in Economics and Public Administration. Teaching staff have extensive experience in environmental management, thus the classes have both theoretical and practical direction. The Department staff constantly undertake internships at European universities, study modern methods of organizing the educational process and successfully apply the gained experience at the University. Considerable attention is paid to the individual and independent work of students.

The Department has the following principles:

  • involvement of leading specialists with scientific degrees, fluent in foreign languages ​​and modern computer technology;

  • support of the atmosphere of mutual respect between professors and students;

  • increase the number of elective disciplines;

  • constant improvement of methodical and informational support of disciplines taught at the Department.


Environmental safety manager - the profession of the future!



teaching and learning
The Department of Environmental Management provides quality education in managerial direction, teaches the basics of planning, organization, control of environmental activities at enterprises of all forms of ownership, gives knowledge in modeling of environmental processes, the basics of monitoring research, management of social and environmental safety. The Department organizes its activities in new computer classrooms using modern software.

The practitioners representing large and medium-sized businesses dealing with environmental safety, representatives of environmental departments of government and local authorities are invited to give lectures, perform in conferences and participate in the educational process in various forms. Moreover, students have the opportunity to communicate with future employers, undergo practical training in real enterprises, solve actual cases of environmental safety.

The students are actively involved in the scientific activities of the Department. During 14 years in a row, the Department has been organizing a scientific conference "Environmental Management - an integral part of a sustainable development", which is attended not only by undergraduate students, schoolchildren, but also postgraduate students and alumni, school teachers, young scientists.

One of the competitive advantages of the University is an academic mobility program for students. They have the opportunity to participate in the program and choose study options at the universities of Italy, France or Bulgaria.
science and research
The scientific activity of the Department is realized through the implementation of complex research studies aimed at mechanisms of “green economy” and society, etc.

Scientific directions of the Department:

0118U003105 1 The Improvement of management mechanisms for the formation and implementation of environmental policy in modern conditions

0110U003044 The Improvement of state mechanisms of green economy and society.

0116U004149 Economic and institutional foundations of natural resource management reform and environmental protection for the transition to sustainable development.

The Department has carried out a number of research projects committed by the city enterprises, in particular:

Formation of the methodological basis for sustainable development principles implementation in cities and regions of Ukraine.

Theoretical and applied problems of managing logistic flows of pharmacy chains.

The academic staff of the Department are the members of Scientific Councils of the University and other HEIs in Ukraine, members of editorial boards of scientific publications in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.

The Department regularly gives scientific seminars to discuss modern scientific developments where students and teaching staff have the opportunity to share their best practices.

According to the results of scientific and educational work, textbooks, papers and monographs have been published with the participation of students and academic staff.

Through 2017 and 2020 years over 165 scientific papers were published in professional editions of Ukraine and abroad, among which 16 articles were included in the scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science, 46 scientific monographs, 11 of which were published abroad.

Students and professors take an active part in the national and international scientific conferences, academic internships abroad.
The policy of the Department is aimed at ensuring the academic staff with professional development opportunities like internships, trainings, business seminars, round tables, etc. Academic mobility of students and staff is one of the priority directions of the Department internationalization.

international cooperation
Active cooperation with foreign educational institutions is one of the areas of the Department development. It envisages agreements on scientific cooperation, due to which it exchanges information about educational programs, research activities and areas of potential mutual scientific cooperation. The Department cooperates with:

Radom Academy of Social and Technical Sciences (Radom, Poland);
The Central Mining Institute (Katowice, Poland);

Academy of Physical Education and Management (Katowice, Poland);
University of Warsaw (Poland).

European Institute of Postgraduate Education (Podhajska, Slovakia)

The Memorandum of Cooperation to establish a Social Resource Center in Mariupol, Donetsk oblast in the field of environmental protection has been recently signed.

Educational programs of the Department
Educational programs for which the department conducts training
Lecturers of the department
Svitlana Marova
Svitlana Marova Head of the Department of Environmental Management, Full Professor, Doctor of Science in Public Administration
Viktoriia Moreva
Viktoriia Moreva Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Management, PhD in Chemical Sciences
Oksana Turbina
Oksana Turbina Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Management, PhD in Economics
Larysa Pohrebniak
Larysa Pohrebniak Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Management, PhD in Technical Sciences
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