Since its displacement to Mariupol DSUM has been tackled the task to rebuild and develop modern university campus, providing both classrooms with necessary equipment and the infrastructure for students’ study and extracurricular activities.

The  reconstructions and repairs works preceded modern designing aimed at improving the efficiency of educational activities of the university. This includes classrooms and laboratories, computer rooms.

Today at DSUM there is a sufficient number of classrooms and computer classes. The departments and structural units have been also fully equipped. Particular attention has been paid at creating the campus social infrastructure (assembly hall, gyms, co-working, library, student club), visual and landscape design of the surrounding area.  Rebuilding the university infrastructure has been performed thanks to the support of the University's sponsors, who have already made a significant contribution to restoring DSUM functioning. An excellent example of sponsorship aid is  receiving  two grants from the European Commission and signing the Financial Agreement for Mariupol Development Fund for reconstructing the University  study buildings.


1. Reconstruction of the University study building № 3
(Makara Mazaya Str., 15)


total area – 2,545 m2
current state  – received a grant, concluded a co-financing agreement with NGO Mariupol Development Fund, approved a draft reconstruction project
property – the state of Ukraine (under management of DSUM)
ground area - allocated to DSUM for permanent use

received funding:
EU grant - UAH 30 million;
NGO Mariupol Development Fund - UAH 30 million.

main facilities: conference hall, library, two gyms, co-working space, training rooms, classrooms, student self-governance office, student club, environmental education center, leadership center, university of the third age, café
setting into operation – 2022

Educational Open Space concept (ukr)

Students' expectations, results of sociological survey (ukr)



2. Reconstruction of the University study building № 1
(Karpinskogo Str., 58)



total area – 2,181 m2
current state – in operation, reconstruction is planned (hall extension (1st floor) and co-working space (2nd floor), arrangement of the facade, autonomous heating system, landscaping of the surrounding area)
property – the state of Ukraine (under management of DSUM)
ground area – allocated to DSUM for permanent use
main facilities: administrative services, dean's office, departments, classrooms, 2 computer centers, university of the third age, leadership center, center of international cooperation, co-working zone
setting into operation – 2022 (after reconstruction)