The Moving Forward Together campaign includes the priority topics for the EU in Ukraine: the free trade zone, the reconstruction of Eastern territories and decentralization processes. In addition, the campaign highlights the main EU programmes such as Horizon 2020, EU4Business, Creative Europe, and public relations information on small and medium-sized business in Ukraine.

As part of this campaign, the EU Delegation in Ukraine held a call of proposals "EU Support to Displaced Higher Education Institutions in East of Ukraine", reference number: EuropeAid/161559/DD/ACT/UA

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity and potential of higher education establishments that have been relocated from the temporarily occupied territory and operate in Donetsk and/or Luhansk oblasts.


 DSUM participated in two of the nine projects approved for funding:


Education Open Space for students and community (EduSpace)

The project provides for the reconstruction of the educational building of the University and the creation on its basis a modern space for the development of students, university teaching staff and Mariupolian community. The project is funded by EUAID
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Reinventing displaced universities: enhancing competitiveness, serving communities (REDU)

Designing the strategy of the university development in the new city, the pedagogical skills of teaching staff improvement and their English language proficiency enhancement as well as the infrastructure component  incorporation which envisages a co-working space establishment.   more               WEB



For more information about existing projects and opportunities to participate in future projects, please, contact the DSUM Center of International Cooperation (