We are pleased to invite the researchers from Ukraine and abroad, academic candidates for a degree, officials, local government and business, media, socially active members and other interested parties to participate in the

IV International research and practical conference


9 October, 2020, Mariupol city

The conference is aimed to form a constructive dialogue between the state and local authorities, the scientific community and practitioners on the problems of the state strategic potential and territorial development formation and finding the ways for their solutions.

The Conference Venue: ZOOM

Conference languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish, Slovak.

For registration email at: redaction_dsum@ukr.net (subject: Conference, 9 October, 2020)

Deadline: October 5, 2020.

Directions of the conference:

1. Sustainable strategic development of the economy in the context of globalization changes.

2. Legal support of state and territorial development in the context of transformational change.

3. Trends and prospects of state-territorial development in a war: social and humanitarian dimension.

4. European and Euro-Atlantic integration as a strategic vector of geopolitical development of Ukraine.

5. Features and prospects of development of modern management and business environment.

6. Development of transport in the conditions of European integration of state transport systems.

The conference is not limited to the abovementioned directions and can be extended (according to scientific interests of authors) in terms of the conference theme.

The materials that have not been published before are accepted to the publication; a total amount of pages is 2-3 ones (including all figures, tables and references); the MS Word editor ought to be used. All printed materials must be kept within a print area of A4 format, printed in 14-point Times New Roman, with a 1 cm space between the lines. Layout should be as follows: Top – 2 cm, Bottom – 2 cm, Left – 2.5 cm, Right – 2.5 cm. Text must be fully justified.