Faculty of Economics

Olena Tanchyk
Olena Tanchyk Dean of the Faculty of Economics Doctor of Science in Economics

In the period of radical changes in the social, economic and spiritual life, the Faculty staff of like-minded people train highly qualified specialists and implement innovative ideas in education.

The mission of the faculty is to prepare top-ranking specialists in the field of economics, capable of effectively providing management of enterprises, institutions and organizations in various areas of the national economy.

All specialities of the Faculty are licensed and accredited at the highest, fourth level.

The high level of professional training of future economists is provided by the Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, 7 Doctors and 40 PhDs, and other highly qualified academic staff with extensive practical experience in scientific and industrial spheres. 

The professional development of the scientific potential of the Faculty of Economics is ensured based on scientific schools: "Theoretical and methodological bases of marketing development in the management of the Ukrainian economy", "Theoretical and practical bases of logistic-oriented management of the national economy", "Organizational and economic mechanism of the economy of Donbas and the eastern region of Ukraine", "Theoretical and methodological bases of the management of human and natural resources and determination of trends of their impact on the socio-economic system of the region".

Training of specialists is accompanied by constant updating of curricula in order to meet the needs of up-to-date developments and scientific advances, as well as the requirements of the Bologna process, design of new generation textbooks, teaching special subjects in foreign languages, the introduction of interactive technologies in the educational process, as well as the integration of education with applied approaches at enterprises, institutions and organizations. A credit-module system for students' assessment and effective technologies are used to activate and improve the quality of students' independent work.

Academic staff, scientists and students of the faculty fruitfully cooperate with foreign partners from Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Georgia and others. The faculty actively participates in the international educational and exchange programs, grant programs; partake in internships for undergraduate and postgraduate students and teaching staff abroad. It is the established practice of demonstration lectures conducted by leading scientists, heads of regional bodies of state administration, local self-government and big industrial enterprises.

The high level of academic performance is approved by the annual high achievements of our students in the All-Ukrainian competitions of student scientific works and the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads. Annually, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the faculty obtain scholarships from the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Donetsk Regional Council and rector scholarships.

Ievgeniia Sturova
Ievgeniia Sturova
Assistant Phone number: +380 629 383316 Email address: f_economica@inbox.dsum.edu.ua
Diana Bordyugova
Diana Bordyugova
secretary Phone number: +380 68 6094698 Email address: f_economica@inbox.dsum.edu.ua
Inna Khyzhnyak
Inna Khyzhnyak
Assistant Phone number: +380 50 6008215 Email address: f_economica@inbox.dsum.edu.ua
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