Faculty of Law and Public Administration

Denys Tarasenko
Denys Tarasenko Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Doctor of Science in Economics

The Faculty of Law and Public Administration unites a team of progressive academic staff who master modern knowledge and form and develop the potential of student youth via state-of-the-art teaching technologies using a student-centred learning approach.

By entering the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, you can discover opportunities for a successful career.

The Faculty has designed actual educational programs. Curricula of the programs are drafted in co-authorship with external stakeholders, in close cooperation with the government and business, and each program is utterly unique, tailored and highly-ranked by employers.

Educational programs are directed to different educational levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD.

All educational programs are designed taking into account recent models of learning outcomes and competencies that meet international standards of higher education. Due to constant professional development and international internship of the faculty staff, innovative methods of teaching and learning (workshops, role and business games, Case Study, etc.) are applied and reviewed at an ongoing basis. It helps to form and reveal the potential of each student.

A Student-centered approach, academic freedom and integrity are pillars that help to prepare a successful specialist in terms of the educational program of the Faculty.

A unique model of individual trajectory of education has been built to form the student's professional skills. Each educational program of the faculty has a separate training platform for the Soft Skills development: “Femida” Legal Clinic, "Local Government Workshop", "Sociological Scientific Research Laboratory”, “Cantact” Consulting-center, Leadership Center.

Strenuous Student Governance also helps each student to reach his or her potential and acquire skills in communication, decision-making, public speaking and other spheres. Being a member of the Student Council, a young person can lead a group of like-minded people and develop skills in strategic thinking and planning, team building and management, project management. Active Student Governance enriches the life of the Faculty youth with a variety of artistic, cultural and creative components.

By choosing Us, you choose opportunities for Yourself!

Maria Hrihor
Maria Hrihor
secretary Phone number: +380 629 560130 Email address: f_pravo_soc@inbox.dsum.edu.ua
Svytlana Shyshlova
Svytlana Shyshlova
assistant Phone number: +380 97 9261325 Email address: f_pravo_soc@inbox.dsum.edu.ua
Svytlana Puhach
Svytlana Puhach
assistant Phone number: +380 96 9425746 Email address: f_pravo_soc@inbox.dsum.edu.ua
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