The Fulbright Program is funded by the United States government and administered by the Institute for International Education (IIE). The program takes a leading place in the system of international education, has been successfully operating since 1946, and now - in more than 160 countries of the world. Since the Program's inception in Ukraine(since 1992) more than 1000 Ukrainians have studied, trained, and conducted research in the United States; more than 700 Americans have taught at Ukrainian universities and engaged in scientific work.

In the post-war years, Senator James William Fulbright of Arkansas launched a legislative initiative to create an international scientific exchange program, that now bears his name. It is the idea of international education that has become a grateful ground for a deeper mutual knowledge of each other, as well as for the establishment of personal and professional contacts.

Since 1992, the Fulbright Program has significantly entered the cultural and educational space of Ukraine. The community of graduates of the program was formed with good traditions deeply rooted in the basic values of human existence, the experience of each representative is a kind of enzyme of intellectual life activation in Ukraine.


Fulbright Program projects in which DSUM participates:


Strengthening Relocated Ukrainian Universities for Sustainable Development

Universities develop a realistic vision of the future of their institutions and their role in new communities, create strategic plans, design their individual brand, and interact with relocated universities.




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