DSUM actively cooperates with various organizations and enterprises to provide Scientific Research and Development at the expense of customers. 

The latest research conducted by the university departments:

“Development of state mechanism of management of formation the tourist attractiveness of Ukrainian cities” (by order of “Accord-Tour” LLC, Lviv) – Department of Tourism

“Public monitoring of the activity of the state executive power of Ukraine” (by order of Makeevka NGO “AHENTSTVO PIDTRYMKY MISTSEVYKH INITSIATYV”, Kyiv) – Department of Public Administration

“Theoretical and application problems in pharmacy network logistics flow management” (by order of “Arnika” LLC, Kramatorsk) – Department of Environmental Management

“Improving the quality of life of the population through the implementation of social policy” (by order of “VAZHMASHBUD” LLC, Kramatorsk) –   Department of management of non-productive sphere

“Formation of methodological basis for implementation of sustainable development principles in Ukrainian cities and regions” (by order of “Arnika” LLC, Kramatorsk) – Department of Environmental Management

“Mechanisms of public administration for the development of cross-border cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union countries” (by order of NGO “Ukrainian Center of Cultural Studies”) – Department of Humanities and Department Public Administration

“Mechanism of State Management of Railway Industry Development in Ukraine” (by order of private company “S-Print-2012”) – Department of Finance and Accounting and Department of Public Administration

“Improvement of state mechanisms for strategic planning of social and economic development of territories: Marketing Aspects” (by order of “Business-Partner” LLC) – Department of Marketing


The results of the researches can be received by contacting the relevant department of the university or the organizational department of DSUM  nauka_vid@inbox.dsum.edu.ua