The University conducts the scientific research projects commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

1. "Methodological principles of formation of state policy on internally displaced persons in the context of socio-economic development of territories" (head of the programme - Doctor of Science in Economics, Prof. O. Baluieva). The result of the project is the Concept of the State Program to Promote Reverse Migration and Reintegration of Migrants Returning to Ukraine, as a basis for developing strategic frameworks and programs to support internally displaced persons, taking into account the specifics of resettlement areas. The novelty of the study is exhibited in the following provisions:

  • comprehensive state policy on internally displaced persons in the context of the peculiarities of socio-economic development of settlement areas;
  • methodical approaches to mathematical modelling in economics of the interrelation of social and economic development of settlement territories and of labour resources management among internally displaced persons for the purpose of levelling off the casualty factor influence   (e.g., unstable work of the enterprises);
  • principles of forming state policy regarding internally displaced persons;
  • institutional and legal mechanism of state regulation of processes related to the internally displaced person migration, which allows to systematically and comprehensively address the problems of internally displaced persons;
  • methodical approaches to the formation of the organizational and economic mechanism for the state policy implementation regarding internally displaced persons;
  • the main strategic priorities of the state policy regarding internally displaced persons and methodological approaches for the conceptual bases formation and strategic bases for internally displaced persons support;
  • comprehensive State program of internally displaced persons support, which is formed within the Concept for internally displaced persons assistance and envisages administrative, economic and financial provisions to overcome the negative consequences and outline the positive potential of forced internal migration;
  • national instruments for providing assistance to internally displaced persons, including through forms of public-private partnerships;
  • methodological approaches to socio-economic and psychological adaptation and integration of internally displaced persons, which involve the use of social marketing potential.

2.  "The concept of municipal management and capitalization of the territory assets" (head of the programme - Doctor of Science in Public Administration, Prof. O. Chernysh). The result of the research topic is the Concept of municipal management based on the capitalization of housing and communal services resources by transforming them into assets of business structures. The novelty of the study is exhibited in the following provisions:

  • development of the scheme that reveals the content of the capitalization process of housing and communal services resources of the municipality and demonstrates its importance in achieving the goal of self-reproduction of the territory sustainable development;
  • substantiation of the structure and main elements of the territory capitalization algorithm in terms of managing the reproduction of resource potential, management of production factors, regional investment planning, management of the municipal capital modernization process;
  • development of methodical approaches to a comprehensive assessment of housing and communal services resources as a factor in improving the territory development management and the process of systematic modernization of municipal capital;
  • development of methodological approaches and tools for the reproduction of sustainable development of Ukraine territories as a process of effective realization of their strategic potential, including social, natural and industrial resources;
  • development of the basic principles of capitalization of resources of housing and communal services by their transformation into assets of business structures with the subsequent redistribution of dividends on reproduction of resources that allows forming qualitatively new projects of sustainable development at the municipal level;
  • formation of a model of the corporatization of housing and communal services development management to ensure expanded reproduction of capital;
  • detailing of the three-circuit model and development of the algorithm for managing the process of capitalization of assets, aimed at creating conditions for the expanded reproduction of assets in housing with a change in its marginal productivity.


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