It all started with a dream!

There were dreams about a modern educational institution, dreams about successful graduates, dreams about specialists who would develop the young country. It is hard to believe it now, but back  in 1992 such specialties as Management, Marketing, Public Administration were not only unpopular, but almost little-known in Ukraine.

Exactly on these specialties the accent was made when establishing Donetsk Academy of Management. The founder of the Academy and its first rector was Prof. D.Sc. Stanislav Povazhnyi. Within the next 15 years he created a modern Donetsk State University of Management on a basis of a private educational institution. In 2013, Stanislav Povazhnyi was awarded the title of the Hero of Ukraine for the recognition of his contribution to the development of higher education.
The concept of a new vision of management education was willingly supported by other cities in the region. In 1996-1997, the academic colleges were opened in towns Vuhledar, Yasinovataya and Torez.

The first graduation ceremony of around 120 specialists of the new formation was like a real family holiday. It was the event of the first brave applicants who entrusted their future to a completely new institution, studied and received diplomas. The first University graduation will be remembered forever!  Among the first graduates of the Academy there are many “success stories”, to name, for example,  Maksym Timchenko, current General Director of DTEK, the largest Energy Holding in Ukraine.  Since then, more than 35000 graduates have  obtained DSUM diplomas. Among them are successful politicians, government leaders and businesspeople

The Scientific School of Public Administration,  founded in the late 1990's, nowadays is nationally recognized. The Academy started preparation of the scientist and researchers, established postgraduate and  postdoctoral programs, founded the scientific Journal “Manager”. Within a few years, Specialized Academic Council was opened for public defence of the dissertations for obtaining scientific degree of Candidate of Science and two years later -for obtaining scientific degree of Doctor of Science in Public Administration. For 20 years in the Specialized Academic Council of the University more than 40 D.Sc.and 200 PhD dissertations have been defended. The selected then model of inbreeding the university researchers proved to be successful: numerous university graduates have professionally grown from a student of DSUM to Full Professor. Among them: Olha Balueva, Andriy Stoyka, Anna Chechel, Natalia Orlova, Denys Tarasenko, Nadiia Yasynska. Today they take positions of the Heads of Departments, Deans and Vice-Rectors of DSUM, and continue the work of the founders and their teachers.

The Academy students were always creative, ambitious, and they quickly became the leaders of the regional student movement. Established in 1995, the Academy team “Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted”had already played for four years in the Higher  League of the Club. By the way, Oleksandr Reva, who is today famous comedian, singer and producer,  that time  was a student majoring in management in production sphere, and  began his  creative career in the Club.  You can enjoy watching the record of his first performance here.

Two more campuses were put into operation, which made it possible to increase students’ enrollment in the Academy and to meet the demands of the society in the region.

The year 2004 was marked for the Academy as the time for radical changes, great prospects and ambitious plans. By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Donetsk Academy of Management was awarded the higher rank of the higher education establishment - university. Thus, Donetsk State University of Management was established in 2004. By that time there were  about 6 thousand students, about 1000 academic and administrative staff. The facilities included 5 educational buildings, 3 dormitories and well- developed social infrastructure.

Later  the University  became a platform for All-Ukrainian Olympiads and the International Conferences of Students and Junior Scholars, focused on the internationalization of education. Several international TACIS projects were implemented.

The year 2007 was a year of renewal and the year of new generations in the history of the University.

Oleksandr Povazhnyi was appointed as a  new rector. The university became an active participant in the public life of the region, coordinator of several regional programs, university teachers became members of regional, city and district councils. Rector, Oleksandr Povazhnyi headed the commission on education of Donetsk Regional Council.
European integration and European educational standards have been the priorities of DSUM since the very outset. In 2011 several international projects were implemented at the University connected with the european vector of higher education. Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence was opened, English-taught courses were introduced at various specialties.

In 2014, due to the outbreak of the military conflict in the East of Ukraine, the academic staff and students of Donetsk State University of Management had to leave their hometown and started a completely new stage of development in the city of Mariupol. Prof.Svitlana Marova was appointed to be an Acting Rector and in due course she became the Rector of DSUM. In the first years after the displacement, Prof.Svitlana Marova and her team had to apply in practice all the skills of the anti-crisis manager, restoring the University almost from scratch

It is worth watching the video to understand what hardships the university staff and students had to go through (filmed by the Coordination Center for Displaced Universities).

Was it difficult? Yes! On the other hand, for the university it became a new stage with the new opportunities, new ambitious projects and active international cooperation!

The University is grateful to the community of Mariupol, the city administration for its support (both material, organizational and political), local business, international donors and patrons. Together we have been restoring the university infrastructure necessary for quality educational and research activities.

The University always has been followed the world trends, disseminates and promotes the  European values in Ukraine. This reflects in the mission of  DSUM: “promoting European values and standards in education, public administration and local self-governance in the southern part of Donbass”.

In 2015 driven by the concepts of  life-learning and social inclusion of older people the university established “University of Third Age Education” supported by the Tempus program. The University of the Third Age was established on the base of DSUM, where students at the age of 55+ are trained. The Center teachers and trainers in modern multimedia classrooms  provide lectures, arrange workshops, social events for the adult trainees.

Within the other Tempus project the  Center of Leadership at DSUM was opened  in 2016. Testing public servants on their leadership qualities, training courses and trainings on personal and team leadership, education for intellectual and creative development are among the academic offer of the Center.

The European Academic Mobility Programme Erasmus+ KA1 has enabled students to study during a semester at foreign partner universities. Since 2018 university students and postgraduates have been studying during a semester at the universities-partners in Lyon (France), Genoa (Italy), Salerno (Italy), Varna (Bulgaria).

Nowadays the University is a member of the consortia of two Erasmus+ KA2 projects on strengthening the potential of higher education; the projects are focused on internal system of quality assurance and qualifications recognition.

In 2020, implementation of two infrastructure projects was started within the framework of the European Commission programme to support displaced educational institutions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. One of the projects, with a total budget of 1.2 million Euros, provides for the reconstruction of the university building and the creation of a modern Educational Open Space for students and community on its basis. The project “Reinventing displaced universities: enhancing competitiveness, serving communities” along with reconstruction of the main building of DSUM and development of its social space presupposes institutional strengthening, development of professional skills of teachers as a guarantee of sustainable university development.

In December 2019, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine organized monitoring of the activities of displaced higher education institutions. DSUM is positioned among the most successful universities, which actively develops.

The University  has a long tradition of choosing not an easy path, but rather its own. 


It all started with a dream, and there are no boundaries for dreams!

Join our academic family and let's create history together!