DSUM annually participates in the contests of the international programmes and funds. The aim of active participation in various projects is to internationalize the education, modernize the educational programs, enhance sustainable development and improve the University management mechanisms.


The ongoing international projects of DSUM:


Qualifications recognition support for Ukrainian universities

Establishment of the Centre for the Qualifications Recognition at the University, which will be able to take account of qualifications obtained in non-formal and formal education and develop methodological frameworks and mechanisms for such recognition
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Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University- Business-Government in HEIs

Project under Erasmus + programme dedicated to the formation of an effective internal system of quality assurance of educational programmes and the formation of the quality culture at the University
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Education Open Space for students and community (EduSpace)

The project provides for the reconstruction of the educational building of the University and the creation on its basis a modern space for the development of students, university teaching staff and Mariupolian community. The project is funded by EUAID.
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Reinventing displaced universities: enhancing competitiveness, serving communities (REDU)

Designing the strategy of the university development in the new city, the pedagogical skills of teaching staff improvement and their English language proficiency enhancement as well as the infrastructure component incorporation which envisages a co-working space establishment.
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Strengthening displaced Ukrainian universities for sustainable development

Universities develop a realistic future vision for their institutions and their role in new communities, create strategic plans, design their individual brand, and interact with displaced universities




Academic Mobility Programme with the University of Genoa (Italy)

The Erasmus + programme allows undergraduate and graduate students of the University to study for one semester at the University of Genoa, and academic staff to take an internship at corresponding departments and faculties of the Italian partner.





Academic Mobility Programme with the University of Salerno (Italy)

The Erasmus + programme allows undergraduate and graduate students of DSUM to study for one semester at the University of Salerno, and academic staff to take an internship at the related departments and faculties of the Italian partner.



Academic Mobility Programme with the University of Economics, Varna (Bulgaria)

The Erasmus + programme allows undergraduate and graduate students of DSUM to study for a semester at the University of Economics in Varna, and teaching staff to undertake an internship at the related departments and faculties of the Bulgarian partner.



Learning Cities Networks (LCN)

Learning Cities Networks is an interactive group of stakeholders within cities focused on policy cooperation and exchange of ideas and experiences aimed at innovative solutions to the major issues the cities face.
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Civil Education

Development and studying of the  Course "Democracy: from theory to practice" as an innovative training course in Civic Education,  in more than 20 iuniversities in Ukraine!
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Life on the temporarily occupied territories through the eyes of student youth

The sociological study will be based on in-depth interviews with students of the Mariupol Higher Educational Institutions, who have recently enrolled the  universities via the “Donbas-Ukraine” Program for residents of temporarily occupied territories




Through civic participation to participation in the society governance 

The project will help update knowledge on the mechanisms of interaction between the public and local authorities; learn about the forms of local analysis; gain experience in the development and implementation of the study-project on the needs and issues of the territorial community analysis.




microscholarship program

DSUM in cooperation with Mariupol Youth Union and  NGO Svitlo  with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine conducts English Language Program for students of Mariupol educational institutions aged 13-15 years.



The archive of the implemented projects:

2014-2019 years (after the displacement to Mariupol):


Centre of  Third Age Education

During the implementation of the project, the University of the Third age based on DSUM was established, which can annually teach up to 70 students aged 55+. Training courses were developed and facilitators were  trained on the peculiarities of teaching adult learners. All courses at the University of the Third Age  are free of charge.



Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging

The project allowed opening and equipping the Center of Leadership at DSUM, designing training courses and programmes on personal and team leadership, holding testing for more than 150 civil servants.



Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Donetsk State University of Management

The Centre is an interdisciplinary platform to provide improved lifelong learning in the field of European integration studies for the academic community and civil society in the Eastern region of Ukraine



Analysis and application of the European experience of democracy and good governance in Ukraine

Dissemination of knowledge about the European Union, public administration and democracy, protection of citizens' rights, the social and humanitarian policy of the EU



Ukraine Higher Education Leadership Development Programme

The Programme provided for a series of trainings on team leadership and leadership potential development for young leaders of the University, ensured the opportunity to the establishment of new partnerships and completion of DSUM development strategy



Erasmus Mundus Ember academic mobility programme

The programme allowed university undergraduate and postgraduate students to study for one semester at European universities, while professors had a possibility to take internships at related departments and faculties of European partners



Master's Degree Programme "Conflict Resolution and Mediation"

With the support of the British Council in Ukraine, the DSUM project team developed a Master’s programme actual for the region needs, took part in a series of trainings and had a study visit to the University of St. Louis (the UK). The programme started at DSUM in 2019



Innovative modern practices upgrading language specialist education

A series of training courses for novice school English teachers, which aims to develop teaching methods, disseminate best practices and support their social initiatives




The archive of implemented projects in 1999- 2014:

2011-2014 - Jean Monnet Module: "Intercultural Europe: Diversity and Social Cohesion"

2011-2014 - project to teach the course "Countries of the Visegrad Four and Ukraine in the context of international comparative sociological research" under the programme ‘Visegrad University Studies Grant’ (VUSG) from the International Visegrad Fund

2010-2013 - EU project / UN Development Programme "Community-Based Local Development"

2010-2013 -  Jean Monnet Chair "Modern issues of the EU economy and business

2010-2013 - project "Entrepreneurship in Higher Education" from the European Training Foundation

2009-2012 - Jean Monnet Module "European social policy and models of social partnership"

2009 - project "Study trip to Germany" under the program of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

2008-2009 - project "Institute for Advanced Study "Architecture of European Security: Integration, Cooperation or Confrontation?" under the Jean Monnet Programme

2006-2009 - Jean Monnet Module "European Economic Integration" under the Jean Monnet Programme

2005-2006 - project SCM_T015B05-2005 "Workshops on the implementation of practical measures to reform higher education in Ukraine" under the TEMPUS Programme

2003-2006 - project CD_JEP 23250-2002 "Master of Business Administration and Information Technology" under the TEMPUS Programme

1999-2005 - CEUME project “Consortium for Improving Management and Business Education in Ukraine” with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


For more information about existing projects and opportunities to participate in future projects, please, contact the DSUM Center of International Cooperation  (intdep@dsum.edu.ua)