The purpose of Jean Monnet action in the framework of the EU Erasmus + Programme is to: intensify the European integration discourse; promote the perfection of European integration studies; involve higher education institutions in the study of European integration processes; spread the ideas of the United Europe.

The Programme aims at establishing the cooperation between higher education establishments and other institutions from around the world that actively promote Ukraine's European integration, have scholars with publications on European studies, as well as focus on researching the EU experience for its further adaptation in Ukraine. It covers various areas which strengthen the EU-Ukraine cooperation.


DSUM participation in Jean Monnet projects:



Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Donetsk State University of Management

The Centre is an interdisciplinary platform to provide improved lifelong learning in the field of European integration studies for the academic community and civil society in the Eastern region of Ukraine




Analysis and application of the European experience of democracy and good governance in Ukraine

Dissemination of knowledge about the European Union, public administration and democracy, protection of citizens' rights, the social and humanitarian policy of the EU



The archive of the implemented projects:

2011-2014 -  Jean Monnet Module "Intercultural Europe: Diversity and Social Cohesion" 

2010-2013 - Jean Monnet Chair: "Modern issues of the EU economy and business"

2009-2012 - Jean Monnet Module "European social policy and models of social partnership" 

2008-2009 - Jean Monnet project "Institute for Advanced Study "Architecture of European Security: Integration, Cooperation or Confrontation?"

2006-2009 - Jean Monnet Module "European Economic Integration"


For more information about existing projects and opportunities to participate in future projects, please, contact the DSUM Center of International Cooperation