What makes the university attractive for the applicants, students, academia and external stakeholders? Positions in the national and international rankings, number of subscribers in social networks, findings in google search? Definitely it matters a lot!.But there are also not less powerful indicators: trust, honesty, social impact, traditions and values.

The University has been always distinguished by its persistent  ways of achieving goals and engaging to find like-minded people to implement the most ambitious projects.

The university has always been striving not only to educate young people with solid  knowledge and skills, but also to contribute to community development; to find a balance between tradition and modernity; to bring new educational projects to Ukraine; to promote integration of higher education of Ukraine into European Educational Area. The University  not only declares these goals in its Statute and Strategy of Development, but proves the successful implementation of these goals into reality. 

The key advantages of studying at DSUM:


Students can define their own trajectory of study


It is difficult to change the educational approaches that have been formed over the centuries! Our world has already changed and the University' role in it has changed as well. Today, an effective education system is to be human-centered and student-oriented. The individual of each student becomes more valuable than ever.

The student chooses a quarter of the study courses that he/she will study at DSUM.

We have structured our educational programs in such a way that 75% of the time will be allocated for disciplines within the specialty which the student has chosen at admission. Participation of the employers in the learning process, development and teaching activities will also contribute to the appropriate formation of the study program.

Understanding that a student has his/her own vision and interests, we give him/her the right to choose one in four study courses independently from the catalogue of more than 300 elective courses. Are you interested? Mark can tell you more.




Students can study one semester at the European Universitieswithin the international projects and agreements


Internationalization of the education process is one of the principal strategic activities at DSUM.The university is highly experienced in realisation of the international projects implemented due to the  international grant programmes and funds.Within the current  international projects, there are quite a number of opportunities for students to study and go for internship to academic staff in European universities.This academic year, our students will receive scholarships to study at universities in Italy (University of Salerno and University of Genoa) and Bulgaria (University of Economics, Varna).  Scholarship is guaranteed by the European Union Erasmus+ Programme.

In addition, students are offered to study for a semester in Universities of Poland, the Czech Republic and Georgia. The academic mobility is offered not only to students, but also to academic staff. Our scholars are active participants in academic mobility. For the last 3 years they have held more than 300 internships, training and participation in the international conferences abroad.

More information about opportunities for academic mobility can be found on our website page and in the video. Mark, back to you!




The University offers abundant opportunities to improve the communication skills in English


Considering the number of Ukrainian companies in  national and international markets, as well as foreign companies and international organizations that have their headquarters in Mariupol and participate actively in the life of the city, we understand the importance of advanced command in English. 

The University teaching staff of the Department of Foreign languages are the highly ranked professionals who elaborate the know-how approach to the foreign language learning!

First, we have significantly increased the number of classes of foreign languages at all the study programs.

Secondly,the groups for learning English are formed according to the level of language proficiency, which in combination with the use of the British Method of Teaching will ensure the effectiveness of learning 

Thirdly, we paid considerable attention to extracurricular activities (participation in English language events, English Club, meetings with native speakers, and others).

Our English language  teachers have passed a variety of training and mastered their methods and technologies of teaching. How do they organize the teaching and learning? Mark will tell.




The University is looking ahead in regards to the modern world challenges


We provide more and more possibilities of learning online.  Donetsk State University of Management is implementing the project “University in smartphone” in 2020. The two main objectives of the project are to provide as much information as possible about our educational programs and to enable students to process all the administrative issues online, saving them more time for education and development.



Summing up, our students have the opportunity to study abroad and can choose freely a quarter of the disciplines that he/she studies at minimum administrative procedures. Our graduates, in addition to the knowledge and competence gained within the chosen specialty, will be equipped with the mastery of the English language and soft-skills received while studying in one of the European universities.