One of the main results of the public service renewal was innovative and continuous training of public servants to develop their leadership potential. Leadership development is one of the priorities of the public service development. Leadership in the public service can be defined as one of the processes of organization of management of a small social group, which contributes to achieving group goals in the best possible time and with optimal effect.  The authority of the leader is the driving force, and the effectiveness of group leadership depends directly on the leadership potential of the leader and its relevance to the conditions and objectives of the group.

The annual All-Ukrainian contest “The best public servant” foresees that selected participants should demonstrate the following qualities: in the category “Best Leader”: qualities of a leader; ability to think creatively, make effective decisions in non-standard situations, apply innovative approaches in work; communicability, use of modern management methods, etc.

At DSUM the Center of Leadership was established in 2916 as the key outcome of the Tempus project with the wider objective to raise the quality of education of the students of the Specialties of Public Service nd Public Administration Management.   

The specific objectives of the Center of Leadership at DSUM are:

  • creation of conditions for the development of leadership competencies of public servants using innovative training technologies within the educational programs of professional development and at  the educational level “Master’s Program” in specialty 281 “Public Administration and Management”;

  • methodological support of the educational process of infrastructure workers of public local government institutions and municipal enterprises in aspects of developing their leadership skills and personal growth;

  • formation of  leadership development of the socially active representatives of the public within the framework of the approach of lifelong learning from career guidance work with the University programme of the Third Age;

  • promotion of effective implementation of measures on political, legal, organizational and public support of the role of Donetsk State University of Management in the implementation of state policy to stimulate the development of public society in the country, leadership among representatives of the socially active public.


Training in the Center of Leadership of DSUM is based on the student-oriented approach, the use of modern educational technologies, including distance learning, which will form and implement training of public servants with the maximum consideration of their personal experience and the peculiarities of the regional management system.

Our training programmes will boost your way to success, career growth and personal development!


Training programmes that are offered to students:

  • Diagnostics and leadership development

  • Leadership development in public administration: searching for an optimal model

  • Defining the leadership competencies of public servants

  • Leadership in conflict management in the process of interaction between public servants

  • Commercialization of intellectual property as a factor of state innovation development

  • The formula of the leading brand of public administration organizations

  • Leadership qualities of the public servant: cultural dimensions

  • Formation of public competences in public servants

  • Monitoring of local programmes and mechanisms of influence on their development, adoption and implementation

  • Mechanisms and instruments of local democracy

  • Gender-responsive budgeting in programme-targeted planning

  • Adaptive leadership in amidst changes

  • Mechanisms for public participation at the local level

  • Youth Administration Workshop

  • Sustainable development for public servants: How to act responsibly?

  • Democratic instruments for public participation and the protection of human rights


Our team:

Anna Chechel – Director of DSUM Leadership Center, Head of the Department of Public Administration and Management, Doctor of  Sciences in Economics, Associate Professor, certified trainer of Public Competence, Leadership and Participation Democracy Programmes, inspired by travel, new acquaintances and memories of studying at Harvard University through the “Emerging Leaders” programme.

Denys Tarasenko – Doctor of Sciences in Economics, Professor of the Department of Public Administration and Management, expert in strategy development for the city of Mariupol, experience in management positions for more than 10 years, experience in creating business projects for more than 15 years, participant in the international projects, interested in business processes and self-development.

Iryna Noga – Candidate of Sciences in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Accounting, certified trainer of public competence development and gender-responsive budgeting programmes.

Maryna Zelinska – Candidate of Political Sciences, author of scientific best-selling publications, which have been translated into 7 languages and are sold on world-famous trading platforms such as Amazon Books; has practical experience as a consultant in political parties; loves life and treats it with restrained optimism.

Svitlana Veritelnyk - PhD, lecturer at the Department of Public Administration, expert of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, practical experience in local government for more than 15 years, specialist in contract work, has international internships and publications on public administration.

Anzhela Bairak – Senior Lecturer at the Department of Public Administration, business lady, head of the “Eurospine-Mariupol Ridge Center”, expert in the development of the laboratory services market, consultant on expansion of pharmatheutical markets.


Leadership Center Contacts
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