Learning Cities Networks are an interactive group of stakeholders within cities focused on policy cooperation and exchange of ideas and experiences aimed at innovative solutions to the major issues the cities face. The network builds on the ideas and lessons learned from the PASCAL International Exchanges programme during 2011-2013 with networks established in key areas for sustainable development of learners' cities.

In May 2014, the Network was launched as one of PASCAL's major projects, initially linking a number of cities from different countries, each of which has demonstrated a particular interest in learning as a key element of its developmental strategy.

The networks include city administrators with the support of their CEOs and mayors, as well as academics and other stakeholders. They also seek to link with regional and national governments, business and labor organisations and very importantly establish links with foundations. Networks will develop in flexible ways depending on the nature of participation of members with new sub-themes emerging, and with the evolution of focus as new participants become involved. Networks are not mutually exclusive with some topics crossing from one to another.

Donetsk State University of Management together with Mariupol City Council joint the LCN in March 2020. Within the project, the University and City shall continue working towards developing a city that is highly skilled and dynamic and which puts great emphasis on the educational needs of all its citizens as it seeks to become a learning city that provides a model within Ukraine and in the international arena.


For more information about existing projects and opportunities to participate in future projects, please contact the DSUM  Center of International Cooperation (intdep@dsum.edu.ua)