A profound theoretical basis for a specialist is essential for successful performance, however, it is important to consolidate the knowledge of professional disciplines in practice. Therefore, on July 2, 2015, “Femida” Legal Clinic - an educational and practical centre based on Donetsk State University of Management - was established.

“Femida” Legal Clinic provides free legal assistance to anybody who requires the corresponding legal advice, primarily to the vulnerable categories of the population, on the issues related to the protection of the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens; civil, housing, family, labour, social and pension rights; the protection of the rights of the internally displaced people, young people and minorities, etc.




The activities of the Legal Clinic are part of the educational process. Working in a Legal Clinic, students gain the experience and skills necessary for their future profession. While advising citizens on legal issues, they develop professional skills for independent decision-making, which is essential for a lawyer occupation.

“Femida” Legal Clinic employs young specialists who, as DSUM students, take the first steps towards acquiring professional skills. Such interaction is organized under the mentorship of the qualified practising-lawyers who skillfully organize the management process of students-consultants, create the necessary conditions for students’ high performance.

“Femida” Legal Clinic also pertains to a tool for the development and realization of the scientific potential of student youth. Students under the guidance of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Special Legal Disciplines take an active part in various scientific events - conferences, round tables, seminars and etc.

Having been established recently,  “Femida” Legal Clinic has already developed strong bonds with both governmental and non-governmental organizations in Mariupol. In particular, the Clinic's partners include the Mariupol Local Center for Free Secondary Legal Aid, the Main Territorial Department of Justice in the Donetsk Oblast, the Mariupol Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth of the Mariupol City Council, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and the Charitable Foundation "Right to protection", etc.

The work of “Femida” Legal Clinic helps improve the law education and law culture of the population, create the necessary conditions for citizens to acquire legal knowledge, ensuring their constitutional right to know their rights and responsibilities. Legal awareness is an important component of success because timely action can ensure the achievement of a positive result.