In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education"(2014) and the decision of the Trade Union Conference, the rector approves the composition of the Academic Council.

The Academic Council functions according to the plan designed for every academic year. The plan is approved  by all the Council members at the meeting of the Academic Council.

Within the competence of the f the Academic Council are the questions of educational, methodical, scientific work of faculties, departments, structural subdivisions, PhD and Postdoctoral Research Departments, Admission Office, academic contests and promotion of the teaching staff, issues of conferring academic titles, etc. 

Academic Council meetings are held monthly in accordance with the defined schedule.

Implementation of the Academic Council decisions is entrusted to the heads of departments, vice-rectors of the University and the scientific secretary of the Council who report to the Council on the actual results. Academic Council meetings are open for wider public including university academic staff, students self-governance, civic organizations etc.