Quality Assurance System in Donetsk State University of Management is based on the principles set out in the “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG)”.  Coordinates activities


Quality Assurance Department



The goal of the Department's activities is to create a culture of quality education in DSUM and ensure a continuous system of curriculum improvement.

The main objectives of the Department:

  • to provide biannual monitoring of DSUM educational services quality (as a whole by the university and each syllabus separately);

  • to create expert groups for monitoring the Education Quality Assurance;

  • to involve the major stakeholder groups in the region;

  • organizational and methodological support for the work of the experts;

  • on the basis of the expert group's opinion, preparation, approval and supervision of recommendations for improving the quality of educational programmes;

  • to inform the academic staff of the university about the results of internal monitoring and recommendations to improve the quality of educational services;

  • organization and methodological support of external evaluation of the education quality (licensing and accreditation of universities and programmes);

  • to coordinate the work of university structural units on the quality of educational process;

  • to learn and generalize domestic and foreign experience in monitoring the quality of education;

  • to provide the QAD's page on the DSUM website and the module for internal use by DSUM staff;

  • to create a culture of quality education among the academic and administrative staff of DSUM.


The Department was created in DSUM in January 2019 in implementation of the international project ERASMUS + “Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University- Business-Government in HEIs (EDUQAS)”. The aim of the project is to improve education quality assurance systems through the development of efficient internal quality standards. The internal QA system will be based on needs and capacities analysis in Kazakh and Ukrainian HEIs, experiences and best practices from the successful QA action line of the Bologna Process.

The project provided the established quality assurance department and its laboratory with equipment (16 computers, 7 laptops, printer, multimedia projectors)

For more information on project implementation http://eduqas.dsum.edu.ua/


The pilot evaluation of the educational programmes “Tourism”  and “Conflict Resolution and Mediation” was carried out, which made it possible to develop a mechanism for updating educational programmes to ensure their continuous improvement.




The main stakeholders


participate in the formation and adjustment of educational and professional programs, formulating a request for expected further learning outcomes based on the results of thorough practical training. Within the framework of the student-centered approach to education, they build their own trajectory of professional growth through the choice of disciplines, modules. Monitoring student satisfaction with the quality of education allows to ensure the flexibility of the model and procedures for internal quality assurance.
implement basic procedures for internal quality assurance of education: development, implementation of educational programs relevant to the region and the community and constant review of their content; ensure the appropriate quality of teaching on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies and scientific achievements, as well as the quality of research work and its integration into the educational process; provide evaluation of learning outcomes
The success of University graduates, their career achievements is one of the main indicators of the quality of educational services, and their feedback on the content and relevance of the acquired knowledge and skills allows you to respond in a timely manner to the need for changes in educational programs.
career guidance work with potential entrants of the University allows to identify their expectations regarding the content of education at the University, which over time will affect the student's satisfaction with the quality of education, the reasonable choice of specialization
the request of the community and its vision of the region's development allows the University to adjust the list of educational programs and initiate new, necessary for the community and in demand in the labor market; creates opportunities for students to acquire relevant competencies through cooperation in the public sector, through volunteering
the opinion of employers on the qualifications and competencies acquired by graduates at the University, allows to adjust educational programs in accordance with the needs of regional business and will promote the demand for graduates in the labor market; allows you to choose the current areas of research activities of the University with the prospect of their commercialization.
forms a request for specialties in demand in the city and region, which allows you to update the list and content of educational programs; can make proposals on the competencies and expected learning outcomes of University graduates; able to provide opportunities for dual education; contributes to the integration of the results of research activities of the University to the solution of local socio-political and economic problems.
develops state standards of higher education and monitors their compliance with the Free Economic Zone; develops a national (external) system of quality assurance of higher education as a basis for the effective functioning of the internal system of quality assurance of education of the University; through the mechanism of distribution of the state order on reception and release of experts with higher education influences the labor market, including regional, stimulating realization of educational programs on scarce specialties.


Department staff

Inga Borysova, the Head of the Quality Assurance Department, an expert of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Olga Sitnikova, leading specialist of the Quality Assurance Department,

Karpinskogo street, 58, Mariupol, 87513
+380 97 7815580


Department Regulations  and Job Descriptions

Academy Council Declaration (launching the Department) >

Rector's Order (launching the Department)  >

Quality assurance Department Regulations >

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Specialist Job description >

External quality assurance

The legislation of Ukraine stipulates that Institutions of higher education in Ukraine should pass the obligatory state accreditation of each of the educational program. Such accreditation affirm the right of the University to issue Diplomas. The following Certificates confirm  the accreditation of education programs of Donetsk State University of Management and the right to issue diplomas to DSUM graduates.

Bachelor level
051 Economics
054 Sociology
071 Accounting and taxation
072 Finance 
073 Management
075 Marketing
081 Law
122 Computer Science
231 Social work
242 Tourism

Master level
051 Economics
054 Sociology
071 Accounting and taxation
072 Finance 
073 Management
281 Public Administration
075 Marketing
081 Law

Regulatory framework

Laws of Ukraine

Law on Education >
Law on Higher Education >
Law on Scientific and Scientific-technical activity >
Law on Licensing of Economic Activities >

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