Maksym Horobii and Davyd Hurzhy are the second year students of Donetsk State University of Management. The students are internally displaced persons who are currently living and studying in Mariupol. The boys have noticed the environmental issues the city faces and the longer they live here, the more involved they are in this problem.

Ecology is not just about plant emissions, CO2 levels in the atmosphere and the destruction of ecosystems. Ecology includes our household habits and ecological consciousness and people’s awareness. One of the problems of the city is the lack of sorting out household waste habits among its residents. The students understood their possibilities in a global sense and decided to start to act locally and be useful to their community.

Thus, the project "HereWorthSortingOut" was initiated. This name was chosen purposefully because it was under the slogan "HereWorthSortingOut"  that the Mariupol brand has already formed. Therefore, the students want to emphasize that in the city of Maria it is necessary not only to live, work and develop yourself, but also to sort outthe garbage and be an environmentally-conscious resident of the city.

The very idea of ​​the project is to provide universities and other educational establishments in the city with containers for the collection of secondary raw materials: glass, plastic and paper. The emphasis on educational institutions is made because they have the largest number of young people who can and should be brought up to be an environmentally-conscious generation.

However, in addition to the containers themselves, residents need to be provided with information on how to properly sort out waste, so the students decided to use online communication tools and launched a Telegram channel, which provided all the necessary information. In addition, they won the support of the Green Council of Mariupol whose Chairman kindly agreed to help inform young people of the city about the topic of waste sorting. The boys have already held the presentation of the project at DSUM and invited a guest-speaker to conduct a workshop on environmental issues.

Unfortunately, this project cannot cover absolutely all educational institutions in Mariupol, but even with the opportunities that Maksym and Davyd have, they try to attract the maximum number of young people to the formation of ecological culture in the city, including school  children of different age, university students and participants of children and youth centres.

The project is an impulse for spreading the waste sorting out tpolicy not only at schools, but also in office buildings, shopping malls, parks and squares and, finally, at homes of those who are not indifferent to the ecological problems and care about their city.

The project was supported by UPSHIFT Unicef Program.

Should you have any suggestions, ideas for projects or proposals for cooperation, address Maxym Horobii at