Student governance at DSUM is a student community, through effective cooperation with the university leadership and participation in the management of the University, contributes to the quality of education, socialization of students, education of modern young managers and leaders..

The highest collegial body of student governance in DSUM is the Student Conference, which elects the Student Council, an executive body that includes, in addition to elected members, the chairperson of faculty student councils.  The Student Council operates on the basis of the principles of voluntariness, democracy, legality and publicity.

Student Governance at DSUM has always been known for its active civic position, cohesiveness, leadership skills, progressive views and proactive work to ensure that the DSUM students have better opportunities for their personal and professional development.

Daria Gaponova was elected to be  a Chairperson of the Student Council by secret ballot  on June 26, 2020.


The Student Conference has formed the Student Council:
Darya Gaponova - Chairperson
Maxim Gorobiy - Vice-Chairman
Council members:
Alina Zenkina - student of the  Faculty of Management
David Hurzhy is a student at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration.
Hennadii Panha - student of the Faculty of Economics

The Student Council is constantly improving its organizational skills, actively implementing projects for the University students.

Recent major projects of the DSUM Student Council:

  • winning the “UpShift Ukraine” program, in which students received a grant to implement their own project for UNICEF and European Union funding (link to the event)

  • participation of DSUM students in the Active Citizens Camp programme by the British Council in Ukraine (link to the event)

  • patriotic forum on the “Defender of Ukraine Day” “Those Who Saved Ukraine”, where the speakers were veterans, volunteers, active servicemen and representatives of law enforcement agencies (link to the event)

  • participation in the annual contest “The Best Student of Donbass”, where prizes were awarded both in individual categories and in a complex characteristic (link to the event)

  • holding an event for the International Student Day, which was implemented in partnership with other city universities and the Mariupol Youth and Sports Administration (link to the event)

  • winning in the “Student talent” festival of student art, which was held as part of the city competitions among higher education institutions “Student Challenge” (link to the event)

  • participation in the national student exchange program “GOxChange: Travel. Communicate. Create” (link to the event)

  • participation in the First Mariupol Youth Environmental Forum (link to the event)

  • training for schoolchildren “I am tolerant”held  by students of DSUM (link to the event)

  • participation in the All-Ukrainian forum of student governance (link to the event)

  • participation in the record All-Ukrainian poetry marathon (link to the event)

  • winning of DSUM student projects in the summer camp “You Camp 2” supported by the program “Tomorrow.UA” Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Coca-Cola Foundation (link to the event)

  • organization of a meeting within the framework of the HealthLink project “Acceleration of efforts to combat HIV / AIDS in Ukraine” (link to the event)

  • participation in the International Investment Forum (link to the event)

  • participation in the “Student Education Wawe Forum TAVRIA 2019” hosted by the NGO “International Youth Human Rights” (link to the event)

  • participation in an art action together with the city police as part of the campaign “No excuse for violence!” (link to the event)

  • organization and holding of a charity event in DSUM on St. Nicholas Day (link to the event)