Tempus (Trans-European mobility scheme for university studies) - a program of external assistance of the European Union established to promote the modernization of higher education in the countries neighboring the EU through increased cooperation between universities in the EU and partner countries through university projects. The programme also aims to voluntarily bring the higher education systems in the partner countries closer to the achievements of higher education development in the EU Member States and further promotes the approach of interhuman cooperation.

The Tempus Programme was founded in 1990 to ensure the most balanced cooperation and improvement of higher education systems in the EU Member States and partner countries and covers only 27 countries: the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. The programme competitions were completed in 2014 and the last project completed in 2017.

The Tempus Programme funds inter-university cooperation in the development and improvement of curricula, university management, academic and civil society interaction, education and business partnership, and structural reforms in higher education.

The Tempus program is the longest and has been through the following stages: Tempus I - 1990-1994; Tempus II - 1994-1998; Tempus II іbis 1998-2000; Tempus III - 2000-2006. Tempus IV - 2007-2013.

Projects of DSUM on Tempus program:


Center for the Third Age Education

The University of the Third Age Education at DSUM was created by the implementation of the project, which annually trains more than 70 students aged 55+. Training courses have been developed, teachers have been trained in the peculiarities of teaching adults. The education at the university is free of charge



Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging

The project allowed opening and equipping the Leadership Center at DSUM, developing training courses and trainings programs on personal leadership and team leadership, testing more than 150 civil servants



For more information about existing projects and opportunities to participate in future projects, please contact the DSUM International Relations Office (intdep@dsum.edu.ua)