The general goal of the Trade Union is to consolidate efforts to protect social and economic rights and interests of DSUM workers. The Trade Union can confidently offer the worker its protection and support. It has the rights, the experience and the power of solidarity to do so. It is the union that is given broad powers by law, in particular with regard to public monitoring of employers' compliance with labour legislation and initiating the prosecution of the employer in case of violating the law.  

The key objectives and activities of the Union

For the purpose of implementing its statutory and program objectives, the Union acts in accordance with the procedures established by the law: 

  1. It can participate in the electoral process in accordance with the legislation in force, interact with the people deputy commissions and groups, cooperate with political parties, electoral blocs during the electoral campaign.  Also to propose for inclusion in their electoral lists authoritative members of Union organizations of the appropriate level, to provide assistance to the members of the union who are self-nominated as candidates for people deputies of local councils and for the position of their heads.
  2. It protects the right of the Union members to work, takes part in the development and implementation of State policy in the areas of labour relations, remuneration, labour protection, social protection and housing. It has the right to make proposals to legislative initiative subjects and relevant state and local self-governance on the adoption or amendment of laws relating to social and labour sphere.
  3. As a representative of the insured, the Union participates in the management of the state social insurance.
  4. It negotiates, concludes collective agreements and contracts, and monitors their implementation by workers and their associations, the executive authorities and local self-government.
  5. It monitors workers’ compliance with labour legislation and provides members of the Union with the necessary free legal assistance.
  6. It represents the interests of workers in resolving collective labour disputes (conflicts) in accordance with the procedure established by law, and sends representatives to participate in conciliation commissions, labour arbitrations and other bodies dealing with labour disputes (conflicts).
  7. In order to protect the labour, social and economic rights and interests of workers, all Union members have the right to organise and conduct strikes, meetings, rallies and demonstrations in accordance with the law in force.
  8. It introduces proposals to define the basic criteria for living standards, the minimum subsistence level, wages and working conditions, pensions and social benefits for workers of institutions, organizations and educational institutions, student scholarships, etc.
  9. It carries out public control over compliance with labour and safety legislation, the creation of safe working conditions.
  10. It keeps the membership of the Union informed of its activities and results.
  11. It carries out public control over the implementation of the rights of Union members in the sphere of health care, medical and social assistance.
  12. It provides health and recreation opportunities for the Union members and their families.
  13. It can cooperate with Union organizations of Ukrainian higher education institutions.
  14. It provides regularly the reports on its activities to the  Union member.


Contacts of DSUM Trade Union:
Head  – Vasylevych Violetta
Instructor-treasurer – Verytelnyk Svitlana